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Steve's Fleet Application.

What is your Steam name?: Korse [Designer]

What is your RP name e.g (CG PVT Ralph): CT PVT 6786 Steve

What is your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:119670465

What is your timezone?: GMT +1 Stockholm (Sweden)

What is your ingame level?: 2

What's your current regiment rank?: PVT

Your desired rank?: Anything in Fleet Really

Do you use a mic? If so how often?: I have a Mic and i use it when i need to, if i need to give orders i will use it but usualy i don't use it if no-one else adresses me with one and we're just having a conversation because i think it feels weird  Tongue


What is your server playtime?: As if currently only 30 minutes but i can ensure you it will be Improved within this week.

How old are you including DOB?: 14 (16/1/2003) I know you guys write dates in a different way then us.

Have you ever been Fleet/Commander before, if so what servers?: Yes, I was Fleet Admiral on Crackin Networks back in the day, I was Grand Admiral on a Server like a year ago that i do not remember the name and i was also Fleet Officer on my friends server (Shouldnt really count since it was my friends though)


For what reasons should we allow you to become Fleet/Commander? (50+ words): Because i have experience, in Starwars RP ive mainly focused on being fleet, i think it's fun and i keep my target of being a good fleet Officer. So basicly ive only been Fleet and ARC Tongue

Why should you be chosen over any other applicants? (50+ words): Because of my experience, there is only a Few people that will join the server that have the same experience as an Fleet Officer or more then me. That's why i want to apply because i want to be able to share my experience, not just sit here doing something i don't like.

We are a community, what can you contribute to the community? (50+ words): I can't really contribute much to be honest, I'm no famous youtuber or streamer that can get 100 people to join the server instantly, i'm just a normal player looking to help the server with what i know.

Where would you like to see yourself in the future?: I would like to see myself staying on the server and getting to now the staff Team, mabe eaven apply for staff. I can see that the server managers are experience because of the Server quality, the jobs are well done and the training room is amazingly optimized for newer players wanting to learn the gamemode. I can see this Community growing quickly just because of it's creative and smart Managers.


A trooper has opened the MHB doors without permission what do you do? Quickly call CG and Close the Doors.

A trooper does not follow your orders, what do you do? I would call CG and tell him that if he cannot work as a Team he does not need to be on our missions and work together, he can leave the ship whenever he wants.

A trooper is on Deck 3 without permission, what do you do? I would Call CG and wait for them to remove him/her.

Any additional information that may aid your application (Optional): Yes, i know you need fleet, that's why i applied, and eaven though i don't have alot of playtime i hope for you to Look beyond that. Thank you.
Plus if my grammar is bad, i'm from sweden, but i hope it's okay.

Best of wishes ;D
-The app is adequately written.
-You say you are experienced.
-But I have no evidence of your experience.

You will be tested by me on the server at your time of choosing.

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