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Dacoolioman's 187th Commander Application
What is your Steam name?:Dacoolioman

What is your RP name e.g (CG PVT Ralph):212th PFC 4242 Drake

What is your SteamID?:STEAM_1:1:54260375

What is your timezone?:Atlantic Time Zone

What is your ingame level?:5

What's your current regiment rank?:Private First Class

Your desired rank?:187th Commander

Do you use a mic? If so how often?:I do use a mike and I will use it whenever required.


What is your server playtime?:7 hours.

How old are you including DOB?:13 - 3/22/2003

Have you ever been Fleet/Commander before, if so what servers?:Oasis Networks I was Commander Cody, and Criptik Networks I was, the Commander of 187th.


For what reasons should we allow you to become Fleet/Commander? (50+ words):Because I feel that I'd revive the 187th, battalion increasing it's activity until I'd see at least 3 of them on the server. I'd strive to have only mature, and intelligent people in my battalion and I'd do my best, to take the best care for them possible. I'd NEVER abandon my brothers, as I would have them at my sides at all possible times we would NEVER give up.

Why should you be chosen over any other applicants? (50+ words):Because I would strive to be mature in and out of character I feel, that I could take better care of the 187th Battalion then other applicants and I'd make sure that NOBODY. Would think the 187th ANYWHERE near the bottom of the chain in the clone ranks. I'd make them proud of themselves for being loyal and true members of one of the most elite battalions  of them all!

We are a community, what can you contribute to the community? (50+ words):I can help with more then just the 187th I can help all my brothers, work to the best of their abilities no matter the case, I would help impress new comers to this server with a line of 187th troopers ready to present themselves making the recruits think that this server is an actual serious RP and they'd stay, therefore. activity would advance to higher levels then ever before.

Where would you like to see yourself in the future?:In a filled 187th legion all of them being mature, using Grammar, and making them believe in their abilities to never back down from a REAL fight. 


A trooper has opened the MHB doors without permission what do you do? I'd warn them that they aren't permitted to enter the Bay and if they proceed to ignore me, then I'd punish them for what specifically they did, and they'd have no reason to complain. 

A trooper does not follow your orders, what do you do? I'd warn them that the bronze rule is to listen to your commander's orders if he proceeds I'd punish him depending on how badly he disobeyed and for how long.

A trooper is on Deck 3 without permission, what do you do? I'd tell him to get back into the elevator if, he once again doesn't proceed to it, I'd then punish him for not obeying commander's orders depending on how long he was down there, and if he had a reason to be.

Any additional information that may aid your application (Optional):I do hope you accept this application, as I have high hopes for the amazing 187th battalion.
-You will be the 187th commander starting now

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