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Tips and Tricks | Staff Apps
Hi I'm the owner here for Seronite Gaming, in this post I will be giving you plenty of tips and tricks in order to help with your staff applications.

Our fist tip is to always use the staff application template provided  for you here:

By using this template you are given some of the best opportunities to get accepted into the Seronite Gaming staff team.

Our second tip for getting accepted is to always use formal language try not to use slang words such as "Rate Good, How's dat" and more these words are not fit for applications if you go to a job interview the first two things people will look for is how you present yourself and if you have any other references from previous jobs.

Now you have filled in two bits of information that may push your judges into thinking about your application; you should start to fill in areas that are easier to answer for an example on SWRP would be the 'Situations' section. You should know these off by heart and should be prepared to answer at any time.

So you filled in the most of the easy areas, now it is time to fill in your experience as a staff member; when filling this in always be honest, so give it your all. State how many staff positions you have had then fill in you position, game and what server (Owner, GMod | StarWarsRP, Seronite Gaming) it is incredibly easy for any person to go on one of these servers and check if you have had that position or if it has even existed.

Now you should have at least filled in your Situations, References, Staff Experience and your basic Steam Name, SteamID and so on; you should start to think about your main questions: 'For what reasons do you want to be staff?:' and 'Why should you be chosen over any other applicant:' On these questions you should fill in with as much detail as possible this will really determine if you get a position on a server, remember to always stay on topic don't slowly go and talk about your pets this will start putting more detail into your pets rather than the actual question. Both of these answers should take up to 1 hour each (Includes checking SPaG( Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.))

Now you should've completed everything on your application but an application that is outstanding may not always guarantee you a position your application will be followed by how you talk to players in game and if you respect staff as well as default users people don't want you as staff if you have bad affairs with them people will simply "- support" your application and state you are not respectful; although you should be respectful anyways without thinking about it. 

If your application still looks poor look at denied applications in the archive and see what makes them denied, once you have understood why they have been denied look at which have been accepted this may confuse you slightly but read through at least three denied applications and three accepted applications look for similarities and differences, but don't copy other applications it is easy to do so but it is likely to be denied as it is not unique and has been copied; but be free to use small snippets of three or four words to get you started that is why we have them stored and open to the public.

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