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Application Navy (Breaker)
Hi, my name is Breaker. I would like to confirm my apply for Naval Rank on your server.

Steam Name:
[CBRP] Breaker

RP name:


What is your timezone:
British Summer Time, UTC/GMT +1 hour

What is your ingame level?:
Level 40

What's your current regiment rank?
501st 2nd LT

Your desired rank?:
+Navy (we decided that I could have 501st and navy)

Do you use mic? IF so how often?:
I do, most of the time.

What is my server playtime?:
3h 29m 1s

How old am I?
I am 15 years old.

Have you ever been Fleet/Commander before, if so what servers?
I've been commander on ScoutNetworks and a 3 other servers I can't remember the name of.

For what reason should you allow me to become fleet/commander?

People like my sense of humor and I love to help people out if they are in trouble, also if people are arguing I try to stop it and make them have a great time. Also am I very friendly.
I have done the job before so I know how to handle it and I know how to handle players who do
not want to serious RP or minge. Now I know I am a minge myself sometimes but it's all RP related so don't judge me. Big Grin

Why should you be chosen over any other applicants?

You won't regret your choice if I say I'm very friendly and very polite, even if people are not polite to me, I can handle people who do not want to be taken seriously and ruin the
gameplay of other players. People think I'm a great announcer and I think that's something you
need when joining the fleet. 

We are a community, what can you contribute to the community?

I think that as community, you should be communicative to other people, which includes being nice and having respect for the players you're playing with. Simple thing, if you have respect for me, I have respect for you. If you don't have respect to other crew member, I don't respect you either. Community is all about being one with each other and in game that is what we all should be.

Where would you like to see yourself in the future?:
Having my own company would be great, so I can help people for a better world.

A trooper has opened the MHB doors without permission what do you do?
I report it to his/her commander or call in the CG

A trooper does not follow your orders, what do you do?
I report it to their commander, call for a CG or I ask for an admin (if he/she keeps ignoring my orders).

A trooper is on Deck 3 without permission, what do you do?
I call for a CG and report it to his/her commander.
-When another fleet is already present you will take your 501st job instead, if the fleet leaves you are allowed to become your fleet job.
-This condition will be removed when 501st becomes larger.
-You will be made Fleet Cadet.

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