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GC LCPL 6454 Green commander request

-You must exceed the age of 13, exceptions can be made in some circumstances.
-You need a minimum of a day playtime on the server.
-You must act maturely and not be known as a breacher of RP.
-You must be active on the server.
-A clear understanding of the rules and guidelines.
-A mic is mandatory to become a Fleet.


What is your Steam name?: blackjesus903

What is your RP name e.g (CG PVT Ralph): GC LCPL 6454 Green

What is your SteamID?:

What is your timezone?: eastern time u.s

What is your ingame level?: 10

What's your current regiment rank?: LCPL

Your desired rank?: Commander

Do you use a mic? If so how often?: All the time


What is your server playtime?: 3-4 hours

How old are you including DOB?: 17

Have you ever been Fleet/Commander before, if so what servers?: yes


Why should you be chosen over any other applicants? (50+ words):I have experience with being a commander and am eager to become a commander on this server as well as a donator when the server grows more. Also I am great a rp I have a good imagination and I have patience with minging and annoying cadets/CT's

We are a community, what can you contribute to the community? (50+ words):I am a nice person I would bring joy to the community and I like developing them as well giving ideas and managing things that people need help with.

Where would you like to see yourself in the future?:a commander and staff member with lots of play time


A trooper has opened the MHB doors without permission what do you do?
arrest them

A trooper does not follow your orders, what do you do?
give him one more chance and then I'm going to demote or arrest them

A trooper is on Deck 3 without permission, what do you do?
give them a warning to leave or arrest

Any additional information that may aid your application (Optional):I love this server so far :3

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