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TEMPLATE Staff Application [TEMPLATE] 22/05/17
Application Requirements:
- You must NOT have been denied in application or demoted from staff within the past 5 days.
- You must have a mic.
- You must be at least 13 years of age. (Exceptions can be made on maturity level).
- You must NOT be in a staff position on another DarkRP server.
- You must have at LEAST 1 day on the server.
- You must be active on the serverforums and Discord.
- You must NOT have more than 10 warns within the past 2 weeks (View warns in-game with !warn)
[Lying in any area of the application will get you a 1 month ban from applying and a 2 day game ban.]
You can find the list of mentors here: 

- Deme
- Adam

Thread Title: [DarkRP] Staff Application: "In-Game Name"
In-Game Name:
Date of Birth:
Steam ID:
Steam Profile Link:
In-Game Hours:
You have a microphone? Yes/No
The above information is correct? Yes/No
RebelAbuser101 is prop spamming, how do you punish him?:
You see MudanePower (A staff member )  is abusing his powers, how do you handle it?:
You go to a sit and the individual is very frustrated. They start insulting you stating "You are a terrible member of staff and should fuck off." How do you handle this?:
Explain Random Death Match, Random Arrest, and New Life Rules:
Why should you be accepted as a staff member?[100+ Words]:
Explain why you would be a great staff member[50+ Words]:

Choose a mentor from above:

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