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Staff Application By Gordan
Thread Title: [DarkRP] Staff Application: Gordan
In-Game Name:HM Boss Gordan
Date of Birth:10 August 2001
Steam ID:Chris_bait
Steam Profile Link:
In-Game Hours:4hrs
The above information is correct? Yes
Bob is prop spamming, how do you punish him?: I bring him to me, then I ask him to remove his props and give him a verbal warning.If he fails to do so I shall teleport to him and delete the props before given a warning.
You see another staff abusing their powers, how do you handle it?: I teleport to their location. Depending on the severity such as if their just bringing people randomly with no apparent reason.I would kick them and give them a warning. If they were moving peoples props and deleting peoples barriers. I would tell them to take the day of and think about their actions before banning them, for 1 day.
You go to a sit and the individual is very frustrated. They start insulting you stating "You are a terrible member of staff and should fuck off." How do you handle this?: I ask how the situation is being handled. And the reason for which the individual is currently frustrated. If the individual in question has no appropriate reason for this behaviour I shall warn them. If they continue with this behaviour they shall be  banned for a day.
 Explain Random Death Match, Random Arrest, and New Life Rules: A Random Death Match or more commonly known as "RDM" is when a player kills a player with no plausible reason. Some plausible reasons would be in the case they were being raided. Or attacked.

Random Arrest or (RDA) is when a player who is role playing as a officer of the law. Begins to make arrests with no plausible reason.
New Life Rule or (NLR) is when a player who has recently been killed returns to the location or area where they were killed almost immediatly.
Why should you be accepted as a staff member?[100+ Words]: I should be accepted  as a staff member due to the fact that I am respectful towards staff members. Also due to the fact that I am a fast learner and have high experience with Dark Rp moderating. As well as I know the staff and the people on the server. I associate with many of these members on a weekly and almost daily. I have made very many friends on this server so I have seen the daily hustle and bustle. I also want to be able to take care of the server like my on personal project (no offence deme) . I prefer to be able to let those who break the rules to be easily punished. My morals are strong. My resolve is unrelenting. I would be a determined force to reckoned with. I wouldn't be easily convinced by arguments. I would make sure the community was happy as well as try to be a much loved staff member. I hope to grow to become like Mr Monkey. Also known as Wolffe or Apalimo.
Explain why you would be a great staff member[75+ Words]:I wouldn't say I would be a great staff member since I would be starting afresh. But if I get the mentor I am aspiring for i believe I could be the very best. I am kind and honest. I fool around but I know when it is time to get serious. I am on as many times in the week as possible. I will be dedicated to the cause. I will do my very best in order to please the community whilst keeping order.
Choose a mentor from above: Mr Monkey
Mr Monkey is not a staff member on the DarkRP server, but is free to apply. The only available mentors currently are myself.

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