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Renegade's Staff Application
Renegades DarkRP Staff Application

In-Game Name: VM Boss Renegade
Date of Birth: 26/06/1999
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59099313
Steam Profile Link:
Age: 17
Mic: Yes
TimeZone: UTC
In-Game Hours: 1d : 08h : 18m
The above information is correct? No, because my In-Game Hours are forever increasing.
Bob is prop spamming, how do you punish him?: I would first look at the situation, as everything is situational. If he was prop spamming by accident as he was building i would just ask him to slow it down, however if someone was trolling and just causing lag they would immediately be kicked and their props would be cleaned up to ensure good performance for the rest of the users.
You see another staff abusing their powers, how do you handle it?: This is dependent on the staff members rank, if he was above me i would contact a senior member of staff and/or take it to the forums for it to be dealt with. Approaching this person would not benefit anyone, as it could lead to even further abuse to myself and others if the situation gets out of hand. If the staff members rank was lower than mine i would tell them to stop it or they will have their powers revoked until a meeting can be held to finalize the punishment. (This could change alot depending on the situation as there are many factors to take into account, for instance: Personality {anger, insecurity}, severity of abuse, rank etc)
You go to a sit and the individual is very frustrated. They start insulting you stating "You are a terrible member of staff and should fuck off." How do you handle this?: I would immediately mute this person and tell them to calm down, them screaming at me or anyone else does not help in getting this situation resolved and just causes delays. I would unmute when the individual had calmed down or at the end of the sit.
Explain Random Death Match, Random Arrest, and New Life Rules:
RDM: When a player kills another player without a good enough reason.
ARDM: Attempted RDM.
AMRDM: Attempted Mass RDM.
RDA: When a member of the police force arrests another player without a good reason.
ARDA: Attempted RDA.
AMRDA: Attempted Mass RDA
NLR: This rule is in place so that when you die you are to forget everything in your previous life and start a new as a completely different person.
CDM: When someone runs another player over in a car without a really good reason (no one likes getting hit by a damn car).
ACDM: Attempted CDM.
AMCDM: Attempted Mass CDM.
I think i would be a great addition to the staff team because, i am on at all kinds of crazy times, most of the time when other staff members cannot be on. I am also very up to date with the rules of the server and DarkRP in general. I have a lot of experience with this as i have created and ran my own servers including the spin off of DarkRP; MafiaRP which i invented myself. I have also been an admin a few times as well as a server manager on a Prison RP server. I love to role play too, so when i am not spanking peoples behinds for breaking rules i would be found enjoying myself with the rest of the role playing community. I am also fair and have a good judgment of people.

I was not planning on making an application as i was kind of sick of the staff scene, i have done it too many times and just wanted to play in peace. So i decided to make the application because i would like to help this community become great, the owner is nice, as well as the current staff of SWRP. Me and Ikeyzone play alot at weird times during the night and there are always people joining and MRDM'ing because there is no one around to deal with it.

If i want this community to be great, i need to do my part: Renegade.
Thanks for reading my application.
Choose a mentor from above: Deme
[Image: 4951351.png]
+1 makes good cake

Your application is well made and grammar is also good. I have personally seen you in-game as well as on discord. You are also active on the server.
Congratulations, your rank will be added whenever a member of senior management is online. You'll start off as a moderator and progress upwards. See Deme to get training.
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