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MartialLaw Rules
 [Image: xtY-yhFET6S4-v90eq1e-w.png]

1. General rules:
1.1 Do not attempt to exploit or cause harm to the server.
1.2 Do not randomly kill someone. (RDM - Random Death Match, killing without a valid reason)
1.3 Do not discriminate other players.
1.4 Do not micspam, This includes voice chat, OOC chat, adverts, or admin chat.
1.5 Do not prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.
1.6 No offensive or inappropriate text signs.
1.7 Do not use an inappropriate RP name.
1.8 Do not interfere with admin sits or Admins who are on duty.
1.9 Do not ban evade by going on an alternate account.
1.10 Do not scam, this means taking money from someone that is paying for a gun and not giving them the item, apart from this any kind of rp scam is fine.
1.11 Do not impersonate any other user.
1.12 Do not FailRP (Failing to follow roleplay, e.g if someone has a gun pointed at you and you decide to run off or pull out your own gun.)
1.13 Do not break NLR, (you must not return to the place you died for 3 mins or remember anything from your previous life). However, if you're military your NLR time is reduced to 1 minute.
1.14 Trading in-game money for real world money is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban for both parties.
1.15 Cheating in anyway will result in a permanent ban from all our servers.
a Do not randomly check a user for weapons as military
b However people in Military controlled buildings may be.
2. Building Rules:
2.1 While building, put up a sign that says "Building" to let others know you are not roleplaying.
2.2 When a building sign is up, you cannot have any entities in your base including cars.
2.3 Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign - they are out of roleplay.
2.4 A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick.
2.5 Do not abuse the fading door tool. (Using the numpad to constantly spam it or open and close it quickly)
2.6 You may not own more than one base at a time.
2.7 You may use a maximum of 3 fading doors on the entrance of a base.
2.8 Keypads must be connected to a working fading door.
2.9 Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors.
2.10 Keypads must be placed near the fading door.
2.11 Keypads must be low enough to be cracked from ground level - players should not have to crouch or jump.
2.12 Do not build inside unowned buildings or ones that you do not own.
2.13 Do not build out on the streets, roads or anywhere public unless you're homeless.
2.14 Do not build on rooftops unless they are accessible.
2.15 Do not block off large parts of the map. See gang rules.
2.16 Do not make a maze, crouch or any disadvantage bases.
2.17 The use of one way props is not permitted.
2.18 Sky bases are not allowed unless they have supports connected to the ground.
2.19 You must put a KOS sign to be able to kill someone inside your base.
2.20 Do not prop-block (blocking a door to stop someone getting out - this also including blocking NPCs.)
2.21 You cannot build in public areas such as any Military Controlled Buildings.
3. Raiding Rules:
3.1 You may only raid the government building when at least one government member is online.
3.2 You may only raid the same base once every 10 minutes.
3.3 You may kill-on-sight if raiding a shop or gun store, although you can tell them to get on the floor, then proceed to steal money from the people inside, you may also use handcuffs to restrain them.
3.4 When raiding a store you can take every item.
3.5 You can only be inside a base you have raided for maximum of 15 minutes.
3.6 You're not allowed to build while raiding. (Military may place barriers down that do not obstruct movement outside the base.)
3.7 You must advert before making an action in roleplay, Mugging, Kidnapping, Raiding, Carjack and so on, to advert do /advert
3.8 You may continue raiding after your NLR timer is over, so long as there is still a member of your party alive at the location of the raid.
3.9 You may shoot through map walls.
4. Mugging/Kidnapping/Carjacking/Hits Rules:
4.1 You can only mug if you're not in public find an ally way etc.
4.2 You can only mug for a max of 5k.
4.3 You can only kidnap someone if you're not in public, find an ally way etc.
4.4 You can only kidnap someone for 15 minutes before eventually having to kill them or let them go, keeping them for longer will get you punished.
4.5 You can only ask for a ransom of 20k if you have someone kidnapped.
4.6 You can only ask for a max of 40k for a stolen car to be returned.
5. DarkRP Gang & Organisation Regulations
5.1 Gang members must all be in the same gang, by owning the same doors and a clear gang name within your RP name.
5. 2 A gang may only have 1 gun dealer or drug dealer etc. The dealer must still have a shop and run it!
5. 3a Gangs may not own an entire district. See ownable areas below.
5.3b Gangs may own a maximum of 1 building unless they have more than five active players (Online).
5.4 Gangs may not raid the same person before 15 minute intervals.
5.5 Allied gangs can defend each other if the base they are defending states their allies. (When you do defend you must advertise "Ally Assistance")
5.6a Gangs may not have KOS for loitering (To stand idly about; linger aimlessly.)
5.6b Gangs may not declare war or KOS on anyone outside the base.
5.7 A gang base may be made by only 2 people, to reduce the number of props used.
5.8a You can only have 2 allied gangs.
5.8b A Gang must state their Allies on a textscreen.
6. Abbreviations:
OOC - Out Of Character
IC - In Character
RDM - Random Death Match
NLR - New Life Rule
FDA - Fading Door Abuse
RDA - Random Arrest
Meta - Metagaming
LTAP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment
RP - Role-Play
IRL - In Real-Life

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