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Staff App
In-Game Name: Drink teh bleach
Date of Birth: 2003/11/22
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:45455248
Steam Profile Link:
Age:  13
In-Game Hours:736
The above information is correct? Yes/No :yes
Bob is prop spamming, how do you punish him?: Ban him 
You see another staff abusing their powers, how do you handle it?: ban him immeaditly
You go to a sit and the individual is very frustrated. They start insulting you stating "You are a terrible member of staff and should fuck off." How do you handle this?: I tell them to cool down and if they dont i need to ban them for insulting
Explain Random Death Match, Random Arrest, and New Life Rules: Random death match is when a player is killing somebody with no reason Random Arrest is when a police officer is arresting somebody with no reason New life rules is when somebody dies they are not able to come back for 5 minutes
Why should you be accepted as a staff member?[100+ Words]: I think i should be accepted as a staff because i think i am a good staff and i can bring a lot of people ojn this server.i think i can deal with people's  problem i dont swear and i am polite.I will not get angry easily.I am gonna try to make this server go as high as it ever was.
Explain why you would be a great staff member[75+ Words]:
 I think i will be a great staff member because i was a staff member on 2 more servers and i met people that said i was very polite and good at my job.i hope people on this server are gonna say the same thing to me.I hope people can respect this server and join this server a lot 
Your application is not well made. The answers you have given for rule breakers are unorthodox and would have you removed from the staff team immediately.

You may continue on the server to understand the rules. Your in-game hours relate to the server play time not your game's play time.
You may reapply in 2 days.

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