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Ninjas Staff app
In-Game Name: Ninja 
Date of Birth:2003
Steam ID:
Steam Profile Link:
Age: 13
TimeZone: GMT
In-Game Hours:6.6
The above information is correct? Yes/No   YES
Bob is prop spamming, how do you punish him?: I go to a place to talk to him about what he has done then i will give him a warning for prop spam
You see another staff abusing their powers, how do you handle it?: i spectate them record it and send it to deme or a owner
You go to a sit and the individual is very frustrated. They start insulting you stating "You are a terrible member of staff and should fuck off." How do you handle this?: iwill tell them to calm down if he/she still starts trash talking me ill gag them till the end of the sit and if he carry on warn him/she then just ignore them
Explain Random Death Match, Random Arrest, and New Life Rules: RDM is when you go kill people with no reason to do so / RDA is a cop who goes round the map arresting people for no reason
Why should you be accepted as a staff member?[100+ Words]: i shold be accepted to be a staff member because i will help people in game make the community better try to make friends with every one also to help them cope with stress in situations maby in game or life make people feel a lot better and to join back on the server i will always try make a difference in people who wont follow rules and and keep rule braking i will also take my part in staff seriously and will not mess about.
Explain why you would be a great staff member[75+ Words]:i would be a grate staff member because i would get along with other staff help at all times and make the server better for all .
Choose a mentor from above: Deme
Your application is not well made. The answers you have given for rule breakers are unorthodox and would have you removed from the staff team immediately.

You may continue on the server to understand the rules. Your in-game hours relate to the server play time not your game's play time.
You may reapply in 2 days.

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