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Kuro's Staff Application
Thread Title: Staff Application
In-Game Name: VM Capo Kuro
Date of Birth: 20/4/2001
Steam ID: 0:1:72527171
Steam Profile Link:
Age: 16
TimeZone: UTC+1
In-Game Hours: 62 on the server not including time before the update.
The above information is correct? Yes
Bob is prop spamming, how do you punish him?: Bring them to me and ask them what the were doing and why they were doing it. If they just happened to be spawning props to fast while building then I'll ask them to slow down a bit. If they really did have bad intention and were prop-spamming I would give them a formal warning and instruct them to stop.
You see another staff abusing their powers, how do you handle it?: It is dependant on what exactly the abuse is. If a mod is physgunning a player consistently then I'd instruct the mod to stop and leave the player be. If the situation is escalated or serious from the start I would get screenshots of what was happening and send it to Deme or Matt along with information about what and how the perpetrator was abusing.
You go to a sit and the individual is very frustrated. They start insulting you stating "You are a terrible member of staff and should fuck off." How do you handle this?: As with any other situation I would keep calm and engage it in a rational way, asking what was troubling the player and seeing what in my power I could do to fix or alleviate it.
Explain Random Death Match, Random Arrest, and New Life Rules: RDM is killing a player without a valid reason, Random arrest is arresting a player without a reason and NLR is when a player returns to the area in which they had recently died.
Why should you be accepted as a staff member?: One of the main reasons is the sheer amount of time I could cover the staffing duties on the server, I am on the server very frequently. The second reason is that I know how the server works and operates as once staff on another server (before the owner got a VAC ban and the server died.) This also means that I know how to approach situations and how to deal with them according, including punishment and consequences for wrongdoers. I also know nearly everyone who goes on the server and have settled in with the in-crowd.
Explain why you would be a great staff member: I just really like playing on the server and thought I could do my part and help out by being a staff member and better utilises the time I spend on the server instead of playing weird songs though the jukebox. I would make sure the server stays as it should, a fun place where people can RP as they please and also keep that in balance with the rules.
Choose a mentor: Deme
[Image: 2qNQQJl]【You wouldn't steal a meme.】

I would not like to Deny/Accept this app (even though i can) I would just like to input that A. kuro is a nice person, he is in my gang and i enjoy playing with him, B. i do think this is a decent application, However i do think a mic is important to be a staff member and that we do not need any more staff until we get a bigger player base. I will wait to get Dem's input then we will make a decision.

[Image: 4951351.png]
Kuro is a great guy even though he currently does not have access to a mic , I believe the person mentioned above would be a very valuable staff member. He is very active and very good at RP. I believe he would take his role seriously. If not, well there's Adam for that. Hope you get it bud.
After talking it over with Fabio, i have decided to accept this application. Kuro you are very active on the server and the forums, not to mention you know all of our inside jokes #bangordan and we all have come to know and like you. You will start of as a moderator, welcome to the team.

[Image: 4951351.png]

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