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Hello everybody, I'm DementedRock also known as Deme or Fabio Hanson and I am the owner and founder of Seronite Gaming. I would firstly like to welcome all of you to our community and hope you stay with us. The best way for me to express myself is through a story? Maybe. Yeah, why not?

Hello Seronite community, I am here to say hi so "hi". If you are wondering why I posted this, then you should most likely go read the other threads. Anyways I am a Demented Rock they call me this because I use to be perfectly spherical then someone came along and dropped me down the stairs, but that's an old story I have now been living for 314 years and well nothing has changed everyone is human but me. I am getting a larger growth (I assume I have it rock puberty) Meaning any day one or many gems will pour out like water and solidify until they hatch and grow into something like me. I make two sets of crystal Males and Females, the males we call Seronites, the females we just call Bags but until then I'm a free man-rock-thing waiting for others. Well I came to say hi and I talked about how my species reproduces so now it's time for my life story.
As a young little Seronite I wondered around until someone could help me I then found older Seronites they called themselves supervisors as if they control the land and keep peace after about 7 years of being a Seronite I had a craving to become a supervisor I would feel like I could do anything, but 167 years passed most of my species stopped reproducing and died off we are the very few remainder of the Seronites. After about another 100 years I started to bring my hopes back, to start a new journey, a journey that would bring everything to life, it would be spectacular, until the storms came, human life got more advanced and worked around us, they got these things that could send messages through the air, then it happened, a revolution something that would change all Seronite and Bag kind! Except it only effected the Seronites, The Bags then became still and no longer reproduced, the Seronites on the other hand started shedding their rock like skin and out came a human formed rock, it looked like a human, talked like a human, and did things like a 15-year-old human did apart from it was way hornier. It found out about the human’s new technology, worked out how to use it and typed the one thing every 15-year-old types. "Is my penis average for its size?" The answer was yes; this is when the horny part kicks in [Imagine censored stuff here].
And here we are now typing this up. Now to Seronite Gaming I say hello! but goodbye, my story has ended it's your job to carry on its legend. [Want more stories like this? If yes Nope, if no still Nope. But I may randomly post some interesting stuff and by that I don't mean the [censored stuff]. If you got this far thanks for reading. Think I should make a dedicated website to strange stories? Reply to this and I may keep you informed.
The feeling when you actually read this and realise you have wasted a portion of your life.
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